Dave Chang, despre inovație

Dave Chang e unul dintre cei mai cunoscuți bucătari din SUA. Are un mini-imperiu de restaurante – Momofuku (a căutat un cuvânt care seamănă cu motherfucker), un laborator de mâncare și o revistă. Mai nou și propriul show pe Netflix.

Întrebat într-un interviu cu GQ cum vede inovația, Chang a răspuns:

“All of these years I’ve been to the MoMA and be like “this is garbage”. I’d much rather go to the Met. But now, I’m like, “oh, MoMA is pretty cool” because I feel like anybody could’ve done that. But nobody did, except for one person. I feel like that’s the innovation that I want. Where you come up with an idea that is brilliant because no one else thought of it. It was starring people right in their faces, it was so abundantly clear that somebody could do something. To me those are the best ideas, because they are the most hated.

You look at something and you’re like “Oh, that’s so stupid. I could’ve done that.” But you didn’t. And to me, those are the ideas that I’m searching for, constantly.”

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